Fishing With Scotto

Behind The Fishing Rods


I have been fishing since I was 8 years old – some say obsessed. Originally from the Illawarra, just south of Sydney NSW Australia.  I grew up fishing for anything with fins (and sometimes without). I have many fond memories of fishing in Lake Illawarra, Warilla Beach, Barrack point, Bass point and from the front of Windang Island as a kid. I spent my teenage years land based game fishing from just about every ledge along the NSW coast from Coffs Harbour in the North to Green Cape in the South. Some of the most memorable fishing I have done to date was on the stones doing battle with large tuna and marlin.  I picked up my first fly rod in 1989 – a #9wht outfit which I used to catch tailor , salmon, frigates, luderick, bream etc while waiting for a run on the big gear. I now enjoy fly fishing when ever the opportunity arrises with over 150 species on the long wand to date. 

*Australian LBG ANSA record 28kg yellowfin tuna on 8kg line Big Beecroft


*Katrina with her first marlin - a striped of 109kg on 24kg stand up out of Bermagui NSW



I met Katrina in the Windang caravan park where her parents had a holiday van in 1986. She was quite keen to join us fishing , so I got her to carry a bucket of live slimies into the Tubes at Jervis Bay on her first trip. After she then proceeded to fill the pool on arrival at the ledge in the dark – I decided she was a keeper. In August 1991 I convinced her that we should go into business for ourselves, opening The Alpine Angler specialist freshwater & fly fishing tackle store in Cooma NSW. We got married in February 1992 and spent our honeymoon land based game fishing down at Jervis Bay again.  Together we have been fortunate to have grown the business into one which is nationally recognised and have now sold it to pursue new fishing opportunities in the Hervey Bay area of Queensland ,not to mention a warmer climate.


We have fished extensively around our great country as well as some of the world’s greatest fisheries. We enjoy all forms of fishing (with the exception of handlining ). Our daughter Eleasha has shared many of our adventures with us (not that she had much choice) and we hope to spend more time on the water together in the future.


*Eleasha with a thumping golden perch from BJ Peterson Dam in Qld