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Keep up to date with our latest adventures and follow along as we travel from location to location looking for the best fish the world has to offer.

With a broad range of knowledge gathered through many years of experiences, I share my story on a variety of topics which touch on topics including angling destinations,  products and gear I use and test,  fishing adventures and much more.  I have had the privilege of writing for some well known fishing publications as a freelancer over the years and love to share my knowledge where possible.  Follow along as my family and I chase the next best fish…

1st Mondy Metery !

It’s no secret that Lake Monduran near the Queensland township of Gin Gin ( also the home of great pies at the

In all my years of fishing, I have never encountered a “school” of marlin and by “school” I mean dozens of them

You may have picked up that I am currently a student of Jase Wilhelm’s “Impoundment Barra Mastery course”. It is a 12-week

Lake Monduran Oct 2021

While I have now lived in Hervey Bay since 2006 and fished Lake Awoonga numerous times prior to selling our Tackle store

There is no doubt about the advantages that come from creating “Net Free Zones” and Rockhampton / the Fitzroy River and Capricorn

Our Real Estate business has been busier than we have ever experienced since January this year ( 2021 ) – ironically driven

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