Hervey Bays Mini-Marlin

Baby Black Marlin
A super cool juvenile black marlin – just imagine it could grow to over 1000lbs 😉

In all my years of fishing, I have never encountered a “school” of marlin and by “school” I mean dozens of them swimming on the surface with their dorsals out and occasionally free jumping!

I know – it looks like a baby sailfish – but it is a baby black marlin 😉

We hooked half a dozen and landed a couple and kept one for ageing by Julian Pepperell who believes these fish where most likely spawned back in November 2021 off the GBRMP – which means the one we kept grew approx. 2kgs and swam from around Cairns to Hervey Bay in three months since being spawned!

Aaron Muldoon’s son James with a beautiful baby black marlin

NOTE: The large dorsal fin does look like a sailfish – BUT they have formally been identified as juvenile black marlin and their dorsal fin reduces in size as they grow 😉 I was fishing with mate Aaron Muldoon and his son James who had never seen a marlin of any size – so it added to what was a special day with a few other critters encounters as well 😉

You can check out the video we shot on this day on our Utube channel below 😉

Cya’s next tip – How Good Is Hervey Bay 🙂

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