Power-Pole Blade Series


Wield the power of a Blade.

The new Signature Series Blade is in a class all by itself. Extreme performance and stopping power are delivered by a brushless motor and high flow pump, making this the fastest, strongest and deepest anchor available. The Blade is thinner, more aerodynamic and the Everflex spike folds neatly into the new pocket design. The Blade comes with C-Monster, advanced wireless dash switch and standard remote control so you’re ready to fish from anywhere on your boat right out of the box.

  • 10ft or 8ft models
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Fastest, Strongest & Deepest
  • Wireless remote & Dash switch included
  • Faster and Easier Installation
  • Includes smart phone app
  • Dual system ready

I have just put a black 10ft Blade on our Haines Signature 485 and could not imagine owning a boat with out a Power-Pole today!

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