We have the Cod bug bad !

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With much of our country now in one of the worst droughts on record we decided we would make another trip back to Copeton to see if the “less water between the fish” theory has any Merritt. The dam was down to 8% during this visit which was at the end of October – that’s down another 1% since our last trip in June 2019. 

We had some stunning sunrises and sunsets during our week due to the heavy smoke haze from fires burning across the region !

Each day would start around 3am with a cod session – then by around 8am we would chase a few golden perch / yellow belly before heading in to beat the midday heat. Katrina landed a couple of great fish this trip on Merlin Ultra-deep minnows which we haven’t run in years. We just trolling the edges of the tree lines with the lures running around 15-Aft which also matched the depth of the fish we consistently marked. 

Well the “less water between the fish theory” has been debunked – 5 days 10 sessions and one cod bite – resulted in my new PB at 103cm – BUT the Grind Is Real !

You can watch the video for this trip above – and we’ll Cya next trip 😉

So Many Fish – So Little Time – Scotto

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