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Shimano’s NEW WaxWing Lures

This extremely versatile lure can be used in an amazing amount of fishing situations and its unique action and technical design set it apart from anything in the fishing world today. The waxwing has a zig zag, side to side action, while the bottom wing adds stability to the lure, the top wing catches different shapes in the water creating an irregular kick, giving the lure its unique action!

The aerodynamic design and weight placement give the waxwing amazing castability, even in adverse conditions, and its wire through construction and super strong upturned hooks will keep you connected to even the toothiest critters.

A slow to medium paced retrieve with the rod tip down is all that is required to give this lure its optimum action and get you the best results. There are 3 sizes 68mm “Baby”, 88mm “Boy”, and 118mm “JNR” in a well-finished range of 9 colours.

The Waxwing lure system is the most innovative, interesting and universal lures system this country has EVER seen!

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