Shimano Tropical Tackle System

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Shimano’s Tropical Tackle System

The tropical heat can do terrible things to fishing tackle and items stored in tackle boxes. Soft plastics can turn to mush and the air in the sealed chambers in plastic lures can heat up and expand, to the point where the lure actually bursts, possibly destroying a much-favoured fish catcher.

This is what makes Shimano’s Tropical System tackle bags such an asset…. These insulated bags are yellow in colour to reflect the heat, and stored items remain cool, thanks to the EVA tarpaulin material they are made from.

Leader dispensers on the outside are a neat touch and keeps leader material orderly and readily available.

Of course, water is just as big an enemy as heat, what with tropical downpours capable of soaking everything in an open boat within seconds. Consequently, the bags have solid bottoms so they can be sitting in water without having it seep inside, and the zips are 100 per cent waterproof.

There are three sizes in the range; the large which accommodates four 370-size tackle boxes, while the medium takes four 360 boxes. There’s also a cooler bag that can be used to store your lunch or spare reels in.

As you add more terminal tackle, fishing bags get mighty heavy mighty fast, so each bag has a strong, wide and adjustable shoulder strap. 

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