2016 Re-Cap & Welcome 2017 !

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2016 Was a BIG year for us and started with the launch of our New Real Estate business “Mitchells Realty Hervey Bay” on the 5th of January 2016 & has exceeded our expectations due to the support of our team & local community 

February saw some great barra & threadfin salmon fishing in the Mary River fishing with Spanyid Vibes !

March , April & May are always great months to chase Tuna & the longtails love the NEW “Major Mitchell” Squidgy Whipbaits 

June , July & August are generally our “bread & butter” months where we enjoy chasing squid, bream , flathead & whiting along with the odd surprise 

We had a patchy snapper season in the bay & up the island last season but did manage an EPIC session off Rainbow Beach/Double Island Point with good mate Nath – landing over a dozen quality fish for the day using Squidgy prawns & wrigglers  

We did a few trips over the bottom bar from In-Skip Point exploring the waters off Rainbow Beach & Double Island point last season and look forward to some more again this winter chasing reefies and snapper !

September & October we chased a Jew and Barra before the season closed 

This was the 1st year in the last 4 that we did not manage to land a marlin in October / November – but we did manage some nice Spaniards and tuna & love the new Shimano Game Type J PE5 & Talica 8 Combo  

Thanks for following our fishing adventures throughout 2016 – we look forward to sharing more this year and have some great new gear to test along the way  

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