Cania Camping Easter 2014

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We decided to have our 1st Easter off in over 20 years with a road trip to Cania Dam always including a stop at the Gin Gin bakery for a pie 

You can get across to Monto via Mount Perry from Hervey Bay – but we elected to take the schenic trip across via Kalpower which crosses the Kolan River twice and is a lovely drive. There is approx 50 km of dirt – however it was in cood condition for our trip .

We stayed at the BIG4 Cania Gorge Tourist Park – which is only a short drive away from the Dam & launching area 

The weather was fantastic all weekend – but cool of a night 

The dam level was over 90% – which is higher than we have ever fished it previously. With a lot more water between the fish we did managed a few quality bass on Jackalls 

Saratoga are the other draw card at Cania 

Bass & Toga Double – If you haven’t fish Cania Dam – put it on your list as it truly is a special place 

We put together this little video on our Cania Trip as well

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