Christmas Island 2007

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Just back from the bonefish capital of the world – Christmas Island ( Kiribati )

Not a lot had changed since our last trip in 1999 – with the exception of the Air Pacific rout via Fiji , which is a LOT better than the previous Hawaiian exercise

We again stayed at the Original fishing lodge on the Island “The Captain Cook Hotel” 

The accommodation is clean & comfortable with a selection of both beach side villas & hotel rooms

Happy Hour in the BIG house is a welcomed event each afternoon

Wither over 25 years experience in hosting fly anglers from around the world – you get the added service of performances from the local people during your stay

But it’s really the bonefish which steal the show over the week

You really NEED to spend the week on Christmas Island to appreciate the size & Number of flats available – it’s little wonder why there’s so many bonefish !

Andrew Homann christening a new outfit

How good are bonefish

Double hook ups where a common occurrence

Now that’s just showing off

Each day starts at around 5.30am for breakfast – departing the hotel around 6.30am

The schedule for the week is 3 days fishing from the trucks and 4 days fishing from the boats – both forms of transport offer different fishing opportunities

Starting out on Paris No1

Beautiful flat with plenty of BIG bones

Roger King from NZ with a lovely Paris Bone

Ian “Snapper” Sambell with another BIG Paris bone

We had a LOT of tailing bones this trip – with the average size being up as well at around 3lbs

That first run is always a screamer

The guides where great company and even caught a few with us – “Dirty Harry” !

Mutant Bonefish OR Sneaky Goat fish

We even had Otea show us how to catch mantis shrimp – mmmmm Tasty too

We opted for a tour of London Village on our last day – visiting one of the local schools for a class photo 

It really was a terrific trip with a great group of like minded anglers. If you have dreamt of wading endless flats in search of the grey ghost – NOW is the time to do it. Our strong dollar and direct flights with Air Pacific via Fiji now have most trips coming in under $4000 – AUD SO JUST DO IT 

If you would like more information on what gear to take you can contact myself OR to book a trip contact Gary & Glenn at

Already looking forward to our next visit – Scotto  

*Blast from the past – Gt caught fishing with BIG Eddie on our 1st trip back in 1994 

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