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Tumby Tom Awoongan Barra
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Well we have reluctantly decided to sell “Gadget” due to too much work & not enough fishing. I did however need to repay a fishing favour first – Good mate “Tumby” Tom come over from SA to see if we could get him a barra over the metre and his first Aussie bass 

Headed to Awonga last Sunday arvo, booked into our cabin at Lake Awonga Gateway Lodge – on the water at 7pm – 113cm Barra at 7.19 pm Mission accomplished

After a few photos Tom sent her on her way

Fifteen minutes later I followed up with a 108cm – then it back to the cabin for a Bundy

Since we caught the first couple trolling – we thought we should have a go at casting some slick rigs to keep the anti-trollers at bay

Happy Tom

At 110 cm – not a bad barra casting in the daytime

Brag Matting

My personal best casting – 108cm

Also got a few smaller ones – between 85cm & 93cm

Finished up with 16 Barra over 85cm – 6 over a metre between 103cm – 113cm

Warren Steptoe also joined us for 2 days to do a boat test on the Skeeter for Modern Fishing – and managed this 110cm in between

After 3 days of great barra fishing we headed over to Cania to get a few bass – Toms first going 48cm !

Ended up with 18 bass in 2 sessions – half on top water poppers in the morning. Average size was around 40cm – although a little leaner than our Lenthalls fish.

All in all a great week with top company – Not a bad final voyage for “Gadget”  

Too many fish – Too little time – Scotto

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