Fishntales Bream Comp 2009


After taking out the Inaugural Fishntales Bream comp in 2008 – the pressure was on to hold the title this year

Competition was more fiercely contested this year with Barra Kid ( Scott ) coming in first with this great bag of fish. “Had a fun day out and the weather was good as well. I caught about 20 bream as a guess and a few upgrades.Ended up with 5 bream all 30cm or a little over to the fork and a half decent flatty and a heap of other fish including a stone fish my bream stayed alive in the esky till they where all upgraded.”

Kevvy7 had a good session in his kayak at spot X lol. Also managed a PB at 39 1/2 cm to the tip

Nath was keen on my title & secured a great bag at 151cm over all – just couldn’t find the big pikies on the day 

The numbers at 7.30pm were :-

1st – Nath 151cm

2nd – Barrakid 150cm

3rd – Kevvy7 146cm

4th – Timbo 144cm

Insanefisho – Phil came in with a great bag – land based

My Skipper (Fly Guy) did pretty well with this great bag

With Deckie Patrick also bagging out  

We really did have an awesome session – BUT it was a very close result

Got a couple of thumping Tarwine – Unfortunately they don’t counted

Two biggest went 33cm & 32cm

Biggest one went 33cm to fork – luckily

Total bag went 33 , 32, 30, 29, 28 = 152cm in total  

I have to thank my skipper & deckie – Marty & Pat for putting up with me for a second year

It was a great day – And I look forward to making it 3 in row for 2010

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