Fraser Island Day Trip


We currently have my niece Jess & her boy friend Steve from Sydney staying with us – which has been entertaining   

Jess came across to Fraser with us last time she was up with her family but Steve had never been before & Eleasha’s boyfriend Ryan hadn’t either – so we picked a window in the crappy weather last week & went over for the day

Departed riverheads at 6.45am on the Kingfisher barge – first sunny morning we had seen in a month ( Sunday last weekend ).

We headed straight across to the Eastern beach on Cornwells Break track – which was as good as I have ever seen it. First stop was the Maheno to stretch the legs

Jess & Steve

The Maheno is getting smaller every time we see her – in time pics will be all we’ll have

Called into the Pinnacles next

The Eastern beach was also as good as I have ever seen with more pippis than you’d want in a lifetime popping up all the way along – may have been the low tide movement on the day ?

Next stop was Indian Head – Eleasha & Ryan

Saw a few mackerel & sharks swimming around out the front

There where a few good whiting about – who obviously know you can’t catch them !

View from the champagne pools towards waddy

Next stop was Eli creek – photo to be added  

Lake Birrabeen – photo to be added  

With such a low tide & great beach conditions we ran back down to Dilli Village & took the Birrabeen rd across to Central station – stopping in at lake Boomajin & Birrabeen

Then it was onto Central Station & a walk down to Wangoolba creek

Katrina & Jess at the Strangler fig

last stop was Fraser’s Jewel in the crown – Lake Mckenzie, which is now closed until September unless you take a tour  

It was a BIG day – but great fun with a couple of roadies on the 5pm barge home  

How Good Is Fraser Island – Scotto

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