Flats Longtails


Hervey Bay is unique in that we get many oceanic pelagic species that come up onto the crystal clear sand flats at the top of Fraser Island at times through out the year. One of my favorites are Longtail tuna and I am not aware f any other locations in the country where you can sight cast to longtail tuna as large as 25+kgs in a few metres of water over gin clear flats ! 

Once hooked these speedsters generally head for deep water with blistering runs !

This one ate a Shimano Ocea Stickbait sight cast in less than 2 metres of water !

We even get Mac Tuna up on the flats at times 😉

Mate Nath with another quality longtail on a locally custom made Nashys Stickbait 

Local fly angler Delvin Bennet with a Keg off the flats on fly ! It looks like being an awesome tuna season – so watch this space 😉

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