Golden Flats Fishing!


I had a couple of free loaders up from Brisvagas on the weekend & managed to get out with them on Sunday morning

The conditions where perfect with a light Northerly, good light & making tide

Me – Wes & “Sherman”

Wes hooked up after casting to a group of tailers while wading

Go the Wes

We started off wading , with a heap of goldens coming up on the flat tailing. Wes the ” purist” managed a nice fish wading ( above ), I cast at a number with Scoota , but we just didn’t get the right shot. Once the flats filled we drifted around & I managed to slip the fly in front of a school under Scoota

They are a special fish & it looks like being a great season

Everything eats a prawn  

See ya’s next trip Boys – Scotto

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