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S-FACTOR is a fish-feeding stimulant that has been proven by Aussie anglers to dramatically improve bite rates when applied to lures.

S-Factor is an ultraviolet enhanced gel that is more than just a scent or masking agent, it’s a genuine fish feeding stimulant and attack response trigger. Engineered after years of research by marine biologists working on Australian salt and freshwater species, S-Factor combines a complex matrix of amino acids and salts that are proven to attract, excite and stimulate predatory fish.

S-Factor makes fish bite like crazy and encourages them to hold on longer. This gel is perfect for use on all soft and hard lures, jigs, squid, jags, flies, and even natural baits.

To get the maximum benefit, apply a small amount of S-Factor directly to the lure, then spread it with your fingertips. Remember to re-apply every 10 to 15 minutes, or after catching a fish.

S-Factor RRP: $14.95 Available from all good fishing retailers.

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