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Had some friends up from our old home in Cooma – Chris & Deane Mould. Chris has always been a keen anglers & was wrapped to when I suggested we try & find him a few jacks & barra in our local creeks.

Fishing weedless rigged Squidgy Slick rigs we managed a few cod before Chris nailed his m1st Jack – not a bad way to open your account 

 Chris also dropped a good barra well into the 80cm’s after waring out the 50lb leader.

Scored my PB Jack at 50+cm while fishing with Dave Granville on the very next trip out as well

Went up the island to show Chris & Deane a few Whales last Thursday – with a little bit of fishing on the side which produced this lovely snapper before the weather turned & a filthy storm rolled through !

With the weather dawning better than expected on Sunday after another cracking storm Saturday evening we decided another run up the island was in order…..

Our first stop produced a stack of tea leaf trevally & Nath got smoked on what we suspect was a BIG Cobe …

Nath also caught this – Looked like a snapper – only smaller

My modified/cut down 145mm Flick bait in yakka doing the trick again with this lovely 5kg snapper.

It has been a fantastic snapper season – with our hardest decision now being what to chase next 

How Good Is Hervey Bay – Scotto

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