Bones of Contention & Recreational Fishing havens

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Submission to Dept of Environment

Every 3 or so years, the Federal Dept of Environment reviews the Fishery in each state that wants to export wild caught fish. The official title for this process is…

Environmental Assessment on the (QLD) East Coast Inshore Fin Fish Fishery (ECIFF) under the Environment and Biodiversity Protection Act, 1999 and the Guidelines for the Ecologically Sustainable Management of Fisheries, Ed. 2, 2007

The public are called upon to make comment on this which I have done. The Dept of Environment can choose to deny or restrict the states export license if it sees fit. It can also impose conditions. The last round in 2008 was headed by Peter Garrett and several good things came out of it. I have tabled a list of 14 recommendations for their consideration. If anyone would like to discuss this with me, please give me a call.

The Bones of Contention

Forming part of this submission is a document I’ve been working on for some time called “The Bones of Contention”. This seeks to put cold hard facts on the table regarding Fisheries Management in Queensland. A lot of study has gone into it and I’m releasing it publicly today. It goes through a lot of contentious issues affecting us as recreational fishers and businesses. Your comments are welcome as always. Please feel free to distribute this.

Cheers for now – Paul Aubin


Recreational Fishing Havens

Lindsay Dines October 2011

The attached document represents 10 years of research into fisheries management with particular reference to the Cooloola and Fraser Island inshore fishery. It also represents 40 years of intense angling of this region. Qld Fisheries are largely unaware of much of the content which, apart from being disappointing, means that our inshore fisheries are being mismanaged. I am hopeful that we can take this matter forward with a view to sustainable fisheries and with substantial economic and environmental benefits for Queensland.

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