Lake Monduran Oct 2021

John Doe
John Doe

While I have now lived in Hervey Bay since 2006 and fished Lake Awoonga numerous times prior to selling our Tackle store “The Alpine Angler” in 2006 – I was never that excited about fishing Lake Monduran due to the number of trees in this dam!

I have found barra hard enough to hook – let alone dealing with heavy timber to extract them from – so I have mostly fished a few hours North at Awoonga 😉

You never stop learning in fishing if you maintain an open mind and I have recently joined Jason Wilhelm’s #impoundmentbarramastery course – which has really been an eye-opening journey so far from one of our countries most respected Barra anglers!
The first day of a big SE change today saw me convert two bites in our first half an hours fishing after a sleep in and one of the best bacon and egg rolls I have on our trip up from Hervey Bay at the 24-hour truck stop in Gin Gin 😉

I know I have plenty to learn and both lake Mondura and Awoonga are BOTH fishing amazingly at present – So I will cya’s again after my next trip 😉 #barra #impoundmentbarramastery

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