How Good Is Hervey Bay!

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Had Lee Parkhouse (Leelee) up for a couple of days fishing – with a longtail tuna at the top of fish bucket list….

We often get a good run of Longtails during winter down the bottom of the straight down towards In-Skip -this year has been no different with some quality fish about at present.

The odd Mac Tuna gets in first as well

The fish averaged 10+kgs with some in the 15+ kgs range seen working as well

I know I said I was snappered out – But lee made me do it

Big sea fog rolled in just after dawn which looked really ominous – but prolonged the dawn bite nicely ..

Lee was trialing some new Zman baits – while I stuck with the proven Squidgy wrigglers & flick baits ….

Hooked this animal while fishing around a huge bait school – spooled me to the arbor knot on the first run – Lee’s quick action & evasive boat driving keeping me connected!

It ate a Squidgy flick bait in Pacific Pearl on 9 gram 2/0 fish head & 25lb leader – 20lb Power Pro braid main line. An hour & a half later – we struggled to get it in the enviro net 

At a 120cm & 20+kgs -Its was an awesome fish on light gear – Stella 4000 & G.Loomis NRX 852s

We moved in closer after lunch and didn’t take long before we found some more bait – and quality snapper… 

I modified a 145mm Squidgy flick bait in yakka to match the mud herring bait that was around – shortening it slightly & trimming the bellow down to make it more slender – but maintaining it’s big tail & action

It was a great couple of days in good company – How Good Is Hervey Bay

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