More Bait Ball madness !!!


January generally provides some insane bait ball action  off the top of Fraser Island each year – and this one has been no different !

This one was being massacred by some seriously large sharks !

Some of the sharks where sticking their entire heads out and gorging on the pilchards !

While other just launched themselves through the kaos !

Trying to land anything near this baitball was a waste of time – although it didn’t stop us giving it a go with mac tuna & spotted mackerel both being mixed in !

Mates Paul Maneely & Wes fishing from another awesome Signature 543sf 

Once away from the kaos we did manage a few fish including this solid Mac Tuna for Drew Steptoe 

Drew also managed a few small Spaniards & Spotties as well 

We ran a little wider the next day and came across a school of the beautiful little dolphin fish which provided great sport on light gear & Squidgy Whipbaits !

Mate Dr Ben Diggles with an “animal” of a barracuda caught fishing a large plastic deep ! 

Things are looking great for the season ahead & “Bring it on” I say – Scotto

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