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Shimano Social Pic App

It has never been easier to capture your fishing adventure and to share your story with a friend, a group, or the world than it is with the Shimano Social Pic app. Capture your photo on your iPhone, bring in photos from your PC, or transfer them directly from your DSLR on the boat! 

Collaborate with other story-tellers on the same story to capture an adventure from different perspectives. Make your images look great with our Remix engine, film presets, and gesture editing. And you can’t mess up a photo, because all of our editing is non-destructive – you can start over, remix, and re-post images again and again without ever losing the quality of the original! If you see a photo you like, you can explore the edits that were made in the remix editor yourself and learn how others have made their photos look so great. Join the community that shares your passion for fishing, brought to you by the makers of the best tackle in the world.


* Capture images at the moment with your iPhone, or activate one or more Toshiba FlashAir cards (in-app purchase per activation) and browse your DSLR images from your phone or seamlessly synchronize them with your iPhone as you shoot.
* Use the cloud wallet to bring any images online from your PC or to offload those large DSLR images from your phone to the cloud, freeing up space to shoot more!
* Make breathtaking images that showcase your adventure with the help of our revolutionary Remix engine – a few gestures to apply gorgeous films, borders and effects to any image non-destructively.
* Create a story, where you can share your images and your thoughts privately or publicly. It can be a private diary, a story shared with one friend, a group, or the world. You decide and control the sharing!
* Invite contacts to be authors in your story and to contribute their own images and thoughts! Collaborative conversations and story-telling is a blast!
* See a compelling image that somebody else has posted and want to know how they did it? Remix their photo to see the exact edits they applied! Learn how to make your images even better!
* Do you have an idea for expressing a photo differently? Remix a photo that has already been shared and re-post your take on that photo! Invite friends to remix your photos! Remixing and re-sharing is an addictive social activity!
* See Shimano stories! Shimano curates the best public content for your enjoyment! Everybody has access to Shimano stories!
* Explore other public stories and join them to subscribe to their content!
* Comment on posts! Engage in conversations! Meet others who love fishing!
* Create a smart story feed by linking a story to a Facebook album. Every author’s image post will automatically flow to that Facebook album! What a great way to let Facebook friends follow a fishing adventure or an event!
* Get your contacts to use the app by inviting them to a story! Simple invitation links are generated by the app and sent via SMS, e-mail, etc.

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