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New PB Queeny
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With our barra season now open Katrina & I headed off down the straits looking for a few. We marked some good fish on the HDS8 along a deep ledge and tried trolling deep divers first up. After a few runs and not so much as a bump we switched to the new Squidgy Mongrels & Thready Busters.

I cast my Thready buster into a shower of baitfish hard up on the bank & it was nailed with-in second on the drop. I came up tight with big heads shakes & heavy weight . I called it for a good barra & was blown away when it hit the after burners & came out of the water 50 metres away – the biggest queenfish I have ever seen ! 

It really put on quite a show with over a dozen jumps before Katrina was able to just get it in the jumbo Enviro net

It went just on 1.2 on the brag matt & was quickly released to grow larger after a few shots – I would never have thought I would get my PB queeny from the straights

With the recent rains in the Mary river catchment – conditions are looking great for a bumper barra season ahead as well –

Picked up this one as bycatch last week while chasing thready’s with Nath – which was promptly released

How Good Is Hervey Bay – Scotto

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