Power-Pole Drift Paddle

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Power-Pole® moves in to deep water! Do more with your shallow water anchor!Introducing the Power-Pole Drift Paddle™  

Move into deep water with the Power-Pole® Drift Paddle. Use your Power-Pole anchor to accurately control your drift speed and angle at the touch of a button. Slows your boat up to 50% while you cast without interruption. Drift Paddle has seven quick-change positions that cover a full 180 degrees and features a tapered design for precise drift speed control. Construction is of UV stable polymer that flexes with Power-Pole spike for maximum stability. All corrosion-resistant mounting hardware is included. Compatible with 8ft and 10ft models only. We will be fitting a “Drift Paddle” to the 10ft Power-Pole Blade on our new Signature 543sf when needed.

Full details @ www.power-pole.com/ProductDesc.aspx

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