Toughest fish I have caught in a long time!

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With a perfect forecast & some mates up from Sydney & Brisbane the plan was to head up the island in search of snapper –

It didn’t take Nath long to hook up at our first spot with plenty of tea leaf trevally & Watson leaping bonito …

With only the one snapper – we headed out wider off Roonies for a look . There was plenty of bait & we got a few Mac tuna & lost a lovely mackerel over a metre at the boat when it finally bit me off !

At 11.45 am I hooked up to what was to become one of the toughest battles I have had in a long time !  After a series of big head shakes – it took off like a freight train with Nath taking the wheel and chasing it for me before I lost too much line.

I was defiantly under gunned on snapper gear – G.Loomis GLX 852 – Shimano Stella 4000 FE – 20lb Power Pro braid with 20lb Fluorocarbon leader !

2 1/2 hours late – At 1.6 metres in length and a conservative estimate of 40Kgs – it’s anmazing a fish this size would eat a 2/0 jig head with 145mm Squidgy Flick bait – In Pillie colour !

After a bit of revival she ( Or he ? ) swam off quite strongly and hopefully feels better today than I do !

I have to say a BIG thanks to my mate Nath for his support during the fight as there where times I just didn’t think we where gunna win 

AWESOME fish – Scotto

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