Reefies & Yellowfin madness !


Finally got a run of glamour weather and headed strait to the gutters to chase some reefies with mate Nath 

Nath with a cracking  Nannygai that ate a Squidgy Pro Paddle Prawn 110mm in cracked pepper 😉

This solid coral bream also at an 80mm Squidgy Paddle Prawn in bloodworm 

Came across a bait ball in the middle of nowhere and managed to pull this horse size Golden trevally off it on a Shimano Coltsniper jig

Coming home we came across a huge school of yellowfin tuna busting up and had a kaos session of these supa cool fish !

Nath with a Yellowfin – Only smaller 😉

It was a glamour day with some great fishing #howgoodisherveybay #fishingfrasercoast #fishingwithscotto

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