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Now we all know that the Australian Rod builder, Ian Miller, designs exquisite rods for Shimano Australia, but to have one of your creations — in this instance the Ocea Switch Bait — win the Best New Rod category at the Australian Fishing Tackle Association’s annual trade show is still quite an achievement.

Switch baiting entails teasing a game fish to the back of the boat with hookless baits or lures, where the target species is then ‘switched’ to a live or dead bait for a more secure hookup. As you can imagine, it is extremely exciting!

The Ocea Switch Bait rods are available in two overhead and two spin reel configurations. Built on Shimano’s legendary TC4 graphite blanks, there has been no compromise on the fittings either, with the use of ALPS alloy light game reels seats, Fuji tangle-free K Series SiC guides, tubular graphite Slick Butts and EVA fighting grips.

The use of super lines like Power Pro is slowly becoming more prevalent in game fishing, and these rods are rated for use with 15 to 37-kilo braid. That said, you can also use pre-test nylon over them if fishing a tournament or club point score situation.

Don’t restrict the Ocea Switch Bait series to just switch-baiting marlin though; they make extremely effective trolling and live baiting rods as well.

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