Suzuki Launches NEW DF 60 – 4 Stroke

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Suzuki launches F60A

26 May 2010

By Mick Fletoridis

Competition in the popular 60hp outboard class looks set to escalate with Haines Suzuki holding an official media launch for its new generation DF60A four-stroke this week. The Haines Group’s 2010 media day also saw the unveiling of new generation Suzuki DF8 and DF9.9 outboards and Haines Signature fishing-friendly 602F and 543F boat models.

The Suzuki DF60A was the main focus of the launch. Weighing in at 104kg the four-stroke outboard has trimmed some serious fat to be an impressive 42 per cent lighter than its predecessor. This also makes the Suzuki DF60A the lightest in its class. The closest competitors from Yamaha and Honda each weigh 108kg, Evinrude E-TEC’s DI-two-stroke, 109kg, and Mercury’s four-stroke, 112kg. First released in 1997, the DF60 has received a swag of engineering niceties to bring it up to 2010 state-of-the-art status. As with the DF70/80/90 released last year, the new-gen DF60 shares specifications with its lower output DF40 and DF50 siblings, with the different horsepower figures achieved via engine re-mapping and camshafts.

The DF60A features Suzuki’s computer-controlled Lean Burn Control system as seen on the DF70/80/90. Via electronic sensors the Lean Burn system monitors and adjusts the air to fuel mixture at various engine revolutions for optimal performance and economy. Suzuki claims a 53 per cent reduction in fuel consumption at a “cruising” speed of 4500-5000rpm and a consumption reduction of 37 per cent at wide-open throttle – in comparison with Suzuki’s previous-generation 60. The DF60 meets tough US EPA exhaust emissions standards and has a CARB 3-star ultra-low emissions rating.

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