Australian Fishing Tackle Trade Show – AFTA July 2016

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SHIMANO swept the major awards taking out the hotly contested categories of best rod, best reel, best combo and best line !

Best Rod: Shimano Zodias ZOD27OUL

Best Reel: Shimano Stradic Ci4 

Best Combo: Shimano Nasci 2500/Raider RDR703B

Best line: Shimano Kairiki

Best clothing accessory: Shimano Ocea Gloves

You can view all of Shimano’s Fishing range @

Check out all the new gear coming this season under my New Products page !

Other stand out items that I will be adding to my collection this season include :-

* Game Type-J GTJB605 PE5 for micro jigging
* JDM Grappler S73ML PE3 – awsome general purpose spin stick
* JDM Grappler S80M PE4 – new stickbaiting rod
* Ocea 732 SWSP – nice general purpose in-shore spin stick
* Ocea 792GT – Stickbaiting and popper stick
* Anachy 701 SWSP – nice snapper stick
* Zodia 270M – Love’n this stick !
* Revolution Inshore 741 Snapper
* G.Loomis E6X 844M – Awesome inshore snapper stick !
* G.Loomis E6X 684 BCMH – My new Barra baitcaster !

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