Copeton Dam Round 3 – The quest for a metrey

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We do have the “muzz bug” bad and headed back to Copeton dam on a quest to crack a metre + Murray Cod . We spent our 1st morning session on the water with gun local fishing guide Josh Usher who got us to speed with what the fishing had been like leading up to our trip & I can’t tell you how relieved I was to put this lovely 80cm fish in the net straight up 

With a big low pressure system/front looming on day two Katrina chose not to head out with me and as luck would have it I finally cracked a metery solo – I can’t tell you how good I felt when I laid this lovely fish out on the bragmatt and she measured 102cm !

I spent another morning on the water with Josh and managed this lovely 94cm fish – once again an a Jackall Gigantarel 😉

Finished our week off with this lovely 94cm fish – making it four for the week at 80, 102, 94 & 94cm – so now we need a 110+cm model – Copeton is addictive and we are already planning our next trip 🙂

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Regards Scott 

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