FlyFisher #12 – Out Now !

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Contents – Issue 12 High Season Out Now!

 18. Tasmanian Road Trip – Peter Hayes
 24. Central Victorian Lakes Round-up – Phillip Weigall
 34. Exploring Port Hedland – Mark Davis
 40. Coming Unstuck – Nick Taransky
 48. Trout of a Lifetime – Philip Weigall
 56. Boat Fishing for Trout – Craig Coltman
 64. Argentina Tres Sabores – David Reverdito
 72. Eastern Bay of Plenty – Andrew McGovern
 82. Broughton River – Lubin Pfeiffer
 88. Lake Rotoaria – John Murphy
 100. Streams of the Northern Snowys – Trevor Hawkins
Fly Tying

 114. Estuary Essentials – Muz Wilson
 126. Trout Ties – Pheasant Tail Nymph – David Dodd

 7. Editorial – Phillip Weigall
 8. Master Caster – Peter Hayes
 10. Hardcore Harro – Rod Harrison
 12. Salt Shaker – Scott Mitchell
 15. Native Cunning – Rob Meade
 80. In the Kitchen
 94. Subscriptions
 96. The Dusty Chase – Mick Hall
 108. News, Views & Reviews
 116. Flyfisher Shop
 124. Bamboo – Nick Taransky
Flyfisher Magazine
Flyfisher is a boutique magazine that many flyfishing enthusiasts have enjoyed ever since it first hit shelves in 1993. In the early days of publication, the magazine was an annual and soft cover issue. Flyfisher magazine has grown to earn the respect of hardened fly anglers in Australia and New Zealand. The magazine is today beautifully published and goes to market twice a year. The editorial team is led by Trevor Hawkins and Phillip Weigall, two of Australia’s most respected flyfishing authors. The magazine always attracts the best content from leading authors around the country, and in an age where flyfishing is growing in popularity once more, this is a publication to get your hands on as soon as it hits the shelves!

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