New Squidies Bio Tough Range

NEW Squidgies Bio Tough Range – Available NOW!

For the first time, Squidgies has teamed up with Shimano to develop a synthetic bioplastic that is highly durable, stretchy, and more environmentally friendly: the Bio Tough range. The series is manufactured in Japan and has taken Squidgies’ most reliable lure shapes and redeveloped the design to improve their already great fish catching ability. With the Bio Tough Wriggler (100mm and 120mm), Fish (80mm and 100mm), and Flick Bait (75mm and 100mm) now all featuring in the range, anglers have a range of baits to suit a variety of estuary and freshwater applications. With six UV-enhanced colours in the range, there is a lure to match most conditions and species, whether it be bloodworm for bream or pink glitz for flathead. These new soft baits combine UV enhancement with responsive actions that work effectively when twitched through the water column but also at rest in low current conditions. When a fish is caught, the Dura Stretch properties ensure the lure remains in top condition and ready to catch another. Squidgies Bio Tough lures are verified to be 50% biodegradable within the first three years. So if you happen to snag a lure or get busted off, the environmental impacts are reduced when compared to traditional plastic waste.

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