This Is Livin – Fraser Island Jan 09

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After living in Hervey Bay for just over 2 years now – We finally managed a weeks camping over on Fraser Island 

We camped at the Upper waddy Point camp grounds – good facilities & is fully fenced for the girls piece of mind. We did see more dingos on this trip than any of our previous ones actually. 

Fraser Island is truly a special place – with so many great areas to explore. This is the crystal clear Wanggoolba Creek at Central Station.

Amazing Strangler fig at Central Station

Fraser Island has over 100 dune lakes, as well as the second highest concentration of lakes in Australia after Tasmania. The freshwater lakes on Fraser Island are some of the cleanest lakes in the world. No trip is complete with out a swim at lake McKenzie

Lake Wabby is a barrage lake -formed by creeks, blocked by an overtaking sandblow. Great place for a late afternoon swim.

The Maheno wreck is slowly deteriorating just North of Eli Creek

Collecting pipis can be great fun once you find them – Just look for these around half tide down and you’ll have a bag in no time.

We found the best patches around 3 kms South of Indian Head

Even tried my hand at beach worming again

Took about half an hour to get the “feel” again – Great Fun !

There is something about beach fishing – even Eleasha & Jessie enjoyed it.

The gutters between Indian Head & Champagne Pools are always worth a flick.

There is no shortage of dart – but couldn’t find any bream or whiting.

I did catch this “thing” around a bit of coffee rock – some sort of sweetlip ?

Took the Hobie across this trip & spent a day at Wathumba Creek

Had a good session on the bream , with a few flathead & a flounder kept for dinning – all caught on Gulp 2″ shrimps in lime tiger.

Katrina , Eleasha & Jessie really enjoyed the week camping – so it looks like we’ll be back over there again in the not too distant future 

How Good Is Hervey Bay – Scotto

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