Wave Away Sonar and GPS cleaner

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Wave Away Sonar & GPS Screen Cleaner 

Wave Away…..The Clear Choice! High resolution screens can provide you with a brilliant and clear display. Unfortunately, these screens also collect dust, grime, fingerprints, and water spots. Using general purpose cleaners or window cleaners isn’t recommended for LCD screens. Harsh detergents and alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners can strip away the protective surface or scratch your display. Sonar and GPS Screen Cleaner by Wave Away is a specially formulated cleaner designed to clean and protect LCD screens. Not only is it alcohol and ammonia free, but it is designed to stick where it’s sprayed. Unlike most cleaning products, our cleaner resists dripping into sensitive electronics which can cause permanent damage or failure.

I picked up some Wave Away at this years AFTA show last month and can’t believe how good it is on both Sounder/GPS screens as well as my Tonic glasses !!! You have to try it to see just how good it is – I believe it should now be available at most leading tackle stores or shoot Jason Wilhelm a message on Facebook 

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